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Bratislava is within an hour of three different countries - Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

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Bratislava Main Train Station Guide

Bratislava Main Train Station (Bratislava Hlavna stanica) is located at the northern edge of the city centre, a 15 minute walk up a slight hill (walk up Stefanikova street from Suche Myto just above the St. Michael's Tower. Turn right at the end of Stefanikova - junction with Sancova and the station is a little up on the left).

The station is easily accessible from most of the city by trams, trolleybuses and buses.

Train Schedules
The train schedules can be found here. There are connections to Vienna, Prague, Kosice, Budapest, Warsaw and all of Slovakia. The fastest and nicest trains are EuroCity and InterCity trains, fast trains marked R stop at fewer stops and are relatively fast, while slow trains marked Os stop at many small stops.

Alternative sources for train schedules: Die Bahn, Vlak-Bus, CP.

Station Facilities
There are six platforms (numbers 1 and 6 accessible directly from station ground floor, other platforms through an underpass). Announcements are made in Slovak and English. Electronic Train Listing Boards always show platform numbers. In the main hall, the departures board is located in the centre and the arrivals board on the left.

The Main Train Station has ticket counters, several ATM machines, numerous food outlets, news-stands, florist. Left luggage office is open from 5:30 am to 12:00 (midnight) - more about baggage storage office.

Ticket desks often require queueing - if you need to purchase tickets, it is advisable to arrive 30 minutes prior to scheduled train departure. Most ticket desks accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) and are marked with credit card logos. Attendants usually speak some English and German.

The station building is accessible throughout the night, patrolled by the Slovak Railway Police.

Public Transport
The station is served by an extensive network of trams, trolleybuses and buses. The tram stop is accessible through a walking underpass in front of the station entrance. Buses and trolleybuses stop in front of the station. Also see general information on Bratislava public transport network and tickets.

Trams 2, 3, 8 and 13 serve the Main Train Station. Tram 13 offers connections to the city centre. Within 15 minutes, it gets you to the central stops Marianska (serving Tesco and Hotel Kyjev), Jesenskeho and Nam. L. Stura (serving the Old Town). Tram 2 goes in the direction of Zlate Piesky lake, 3 goes to the north-eastern Raca city quarter and 8 serves Ruzinov.

Buses 32, 41, 61, 74 and 93 serve the station. Bus 61 is the Airport Bus, it takes some 25 minutes to reach the Bratislava Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport. Bus 32 heads to the Dlhe Diely district, 41 to Machnac, 74 toward the Slovnaft Refinery in Vlcie hrdlo and 93 head for Petrzalka on the right bank of the Danube.

Two trolleybus lines also serve the station. Trolleybus 210 heads in the direction of the Bratislava Main Bus Station Mlynske Nivy (the final stop, about 10 minutes away) while 201 serves Dolne Hony.

There are taxis waiting in front of the Main Train Station but most of these overcharge tourists. If taking a taxi, opt for one with a price list and name of company on a sticker on the door, rather than the ones marked solely with a yellow taxi sign on the roof.

Taxis to most locations in the centre cost € 4-€ 6, most other locations in Bratislava under € 10, but you could be charged a multiple of these prices by the unsigned taxis. For more advice see our general Bratislava taxi tips.

All city centre hotels are convenient to the Main Train Station due to its location near city centre. The nearest hotels are: Hotel Mercure (short walk), Hostel Possonium (short walk).