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Bratislava is within an hour of three different countries - Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

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Hotels in Bratislava's Old Town

Our City Centre Hotels category covers hotels in the Old Town of Bratislava. This category includes hotels that are within 15 minutes walk of the Main Square, which lies at the heart of the Old Town's pedestrian zone.

Some of our visitors are asking specifically for hotels that are in the historical Old Town (which in the case of Bratislava means the pedestrian zone). They like the idea of walking out of their hotel into a cobblestone street or being near the buzz of Old Town's bars.

Please note the official Old Town (Staré mesto) district stretches much further - it includes some areas such as Kramare or Horsky park, which are not walking distance from the centre.

Radisson Blu Carlton, BratislavaHere is a brief annotated list of Old Town Bratislava hotels: four-star Radisson Blu Carlton is Bratislava's most famous hotel and one with the longest tradition. It lies on the edge of the pedestrian zone, looking onto the Hviezdoslavovo Square. It is reachable by car from the side of Mostova Street.

Two other nearby hotels four-star hotels on the side of Hviezdoslavovo are also reachable by car: the Park Inn Hotel Danube and Hotel Devin. From this square you enter the pedestrian zone through the former Fisherman's Gate.

Hotel Perugia, BratislavaWalking up the 'corso' you soon reach the Main Square with the Roland Fountain. In Zelena Street, a side street you find the small and well priced Hotel Perugia.

If you continue up Sedlarska from the Main Square, you reach Michalska Street, a hub for restaurants and bars. Old City Hotel, a budget hotel upstairs in a historical building is at the bottom of Michalska. Right above you find the historical Skaritz Residence, a classier but also somewhat more expensive hotel with a historical charm.

If you walk up to Michael's Gate, the only remaining of the four historical city gates, you can turn into Bastova on the left, where the popular three-star Hotel Michalska Brana is located.

Hotel Arcadia, BratislavaHotel Arcadia, a boutique five-star in a medieval building lies on Frantiskanska and you can drive a car almost right up to its front door.

You cannot reach most hotels in the Old Town's pedestrian zone by car since there is no access for traffic. Some taxi drivers are able to enter the pedestrian zone but this is not reliable. If you have problems with a short walk of a few minutes with your luggage from one of the nearby paid parking garages or taxi drop offs you should consider staying elsewhere.

The map below is centered on the Main Square area, which is the hub of Bratislava's Old Town.