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About Bratislava

Bratislava is one of the youngest capitals of Europe which does not detract from the fact that it is a city with a rich history of the free royal coronation city, at times when it was called Presporok (Pozsony, Pressburg). Today Bratislava is a dynamically developing metropolis, full of young, viable people who inhale unique atmosphere.

Location in the heart of Europe on the banks of the river Danube has made Bratislava to become an important crossroads of trade routes and meeting place of many cultures. The first signs of settlement emerged …… .. when Celts settled here who on the territory of present-day Bratislava built oppidum – center of cultural and economic life. In Bratislava there were a multitude of nations and nationalities. It is said that every right “Prešporák person” speaks four languages: Slovak, German, Hungarian and so called Prešpurácky. In the past in Bratislava and ancient Pressburg (Pressburg, Pozsony) there were german – hungarian slovak families. In one sentence in the old language of prešpuráčtina were usually used two words in German, two words in Hungarian and two in Slovak. Thanks to this came the ‘hodgepodge’.

Mix of cultures and people who lived in Bratislava left its marks not only on language but also nn the customs, traditions, cuisine and lifestyle. As the residents of Vienna the residents of Bratislava like to traverse its center as well and this part of the city is called Causeway. It starts at Michael’s Tower and ends to Danube. Causeway gives an opportunity to people regardless of age to enjoy walking along the ancient streets and have their favorite coffee.

During its long history Bratislava experienced a period of prosperity and decline. The golden period is the period of the Government of the Hungarian Queen Maria Theresa. Her coronation took place precisely in Bratislava in the St. Martin’s Cathedral.

Today Bratislava is the political, business and educational center of Slovakia. Many tourists, businessmen, investors attracted by the mystery and the unknown old town are coming. In Europe you will find a lot of places but few of them have a unique atmosphere. The atmosphere of Bratislava will remain in mind forever.


Useful Infromation

The Slovak Republic is a domestical country in Central Europe with approximately 5. 430 000 inhabitants. It has an area of 49,036 square kilometers.

The Slovak Republic is a parliamentary democracy and the official language is Slovak. Since 1 May 2004 Slovakia is a member of the European Union and since 21 December 2007 Bratislava is a member of the Schengen area. 1 January 2009 Slovak Republic became the 16th member of the European Monetary Union – Eurozone and the official currency is euro that has replaced Slovak crown.

Bratislava (known as Pressburg / Prešporok until 1919) is the capital, the most populous area and the largest city in Slovakia. It is the seat of the Bratislava region. It has an area of 367.661 square kilometers and in Bratislava live about 420 000 inhabitants. It is assumed that every day approximately 150,000 to 200,000 people are coming so during the normal working day there are about 650,000 people.

In Bratislava there is also the seat of the president, parliament, government, ministries, embassies and various authorities. In Bratislava has its headquarters several universities, colleges, theaters, museums and other cultural institutions such as the world famous Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, Slovak National Gallery, Slovak National Museum and the Slovak National Theatre.

Bratislava is a safe tourist destination with reasonable level of prices and quality of service.

MR Stefanik Airport – is an international airport in Bratislava and the largest one in Slovakia. It is located 20 minutes from the city center. Regular and irregular domestic and international air links provide a classic but also low cost airlines.

Another airport near Bratislava is the international Schwechat airport in Vienna, located about 50 km faraway from Bratislava(40 min.) The airport has three terminals and is considered among the European airports as the busiest one.