The real bastion of drinkers

pub where you can try the home slovak and czech beer and also german, irish, dutch and belgian specialties that you can not find anywhere else.

Restaurant UFO

restaurant you can not really miss.

It is a part of one of the symbols of the city that will attract you thanks to its location (right over the bridge SNP), shape (flying saucer) and also thanks to its beautiful view. The lift takes you to the restaurant. In the restaurant except the beautiful viewthere is a luxury and gourmet service waiting for you. Above the restaurant there is also a tower from where you can enjoy a panorama of Bratislava in all beauty.


restaurant with a charming and pleasant environment with excellent international cuisine.

You can enjoy wide selection of mixed drinks and a diverse range of quality wines either in a colorful and cozy toned places inside or on the terrace that offers a view of the lively bustle of the city.

Danube brewery

the first brewery directly on the river Danube

the first brewery directly on the river Danube! The restaurant is located on the Petržalka side of Bratislava, on Tyršovo square. The newly built restaurant on the ship offers in addition to wonderful panoramic view of Bratislava great, traditional Slovak and Czech cuisine.