Are you looking for a nice tour in Bratislava during your stay? We can offer you some unique tours that makes you an easy experience of the Capital of Slovakia…

Great City Tour

Sightseeing by Presporacik Oldtimer, the combination of Casle and Old Town Tour

Discover the beauty of the historical center, city attractions and Bratislava Castle.
Duration 90 min.

Old Town Tour

Sightseeing by Presporacik in the medieval centre of the city

Have an experience of a unique and unrepeatable scenic ride during which you will relocate the oldest parts of the city in comfortable train - Prešporáčik.
Duration 35/50 min.

Castle Tour

Sightseeing by Presporacik Oldtimer up to the Bratislava Castle

Have a look with our train Prešporáčik at the courtyard of medieval Bratislava Castle, symbol of Bratislava where you can find the traces of Celtic, Roman and Slavic cultures.
Duration 60 min.